Going to Disney World in the Fall is ALWAYS a good time, but today Disney announced some super exciting things debuting in the parks next week that we can't wait to share with you.

On top of the fun Fall displays, merchandise and snacks in the parks Disney has announced MORE Fall fun that will run from September 15- October 31st.

Our favorite part of today's announcement is that Disney Villains will be on display via character cavalcades at Disney's Magic Kingdom park!

Since Disney re opened their parks this year, they have been finding fun and creative ways to showcase their beloved characters.

This new option will allow us to see the Disney Villains up close in a new and creative way.

These character cavalcades are never announced and happen sporadically throughout the day so that social distancing can safely occur.

The Villains will include Gaston, Jafar, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts and Jack Skellington! We can't wait to see the Villains this Fall in Disney!

Other fun character cavalcades will include your favorite Disney characters all decked out for Halloween.

But wait, there is more!

Are you a fan of the Dapper Dans? We know we are! Disney announced that their alter egos "Cadaver Dans" will be on display singing their favorite spooky tunes starting September 20th.

We are so excited to visit the Disney parks this Fall and would love to help you get to Disney World to see it all for yourself.

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This blog was written by Lesley Sawhook, co-owner of Exclusive Travel Partners and Travel Professional.


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*The images used and Disney announcements referenced were pulled from the official Disneyparksblog*


Have you experienced the amazing Rise of the Resistance attraction located inside Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios?

Did you know that you can't just jump in line or grab a fast pass for this attraction? The ONLY way to ride is to get a boarding group.

In a recent update, Disney opened up two virtual queues: one at 10 a.m. and another at 2 p.m. which allowed people to get to the park later and possibly get a boarding group.

Even with this update, it can be super stressful and you need some help/tips to get into a group. (our team at Exclusive Travel Partners has some AMAZING insider tips to help you with this).

Today Disney announced ANOTHER much needed update to the Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group system.

Before, under the stress of the clock (because every second counts when trying to secure a group) you would have to quickly select the members of your party who are on your MyDisneyExperience account in order to get to the next screen to join a group. If you accidentally selected someone who wasn't in the park, or it took you some time to select the correct people with you that day, that precious time could mean you would miss out on a boarding group that day.

Disney listened and made an amazing update today: NOW it will automatically select those in your travel party on your MyDisneyExperience app that have scanned a ticket and are in the park with you at Hollywood Studios that day. No longer will you have to take up that valuable time to select the guests with you who want to ride Rise with you.

We are so excited about this update and it will help our guests experience this one of a kind attraction.

Did you know our planning service to you for Disney is TOTALLY FREE! Our Disney experts know all the tips and tricks and can help YOU secure a boarding group, make dining reservations, select the perfect Disney resort and help with park touring plans so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy an amazing Disney World vacation.

Contact us today for a free quote: Info@Traveletp.com or email your favorite Exclusive Travel Partners agent today!

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This year you don't have to wait until fall for Food & Wine Festival to begin, it is going on now and it is fabulous!

We had a wonderful time eating and drinking around the World last month and I want to share with you some highlights to help you have an amazing time when you visit.

Our first stop was in Mexico, both of the main dishes there were not only super tasty, but washing them down with the margaritas made it all the more delicious!

Pictured above is the Pork Tostada sold for $6.75 served with a Clasica Margarita for $10.75, these two paired together were my favorites from this years Taste!

Pictured above is the Ribeye Taco, sold for $6.95 and the Clasica Margarita sold for $10.75. HIGHLY recommend both!

Pro Tip, if you visit on a hot day, take your food and keep walking to the indoor/air conditioned Relaxation Station inside of Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.

We had it to ourselves and enjoyed our food and drinks in a much more comfortable atmosphere.

We absolutely loved the Hawaii kiosk and devoured the Teriyaki glazed"spam hash".

I know, I know, it doesn't sound good, but trust me on this, it is DELICIOUS!

Pictured above is the Teriyaki glazed SPAM Hash, sold for $4.25, SO GOOD!

Another favorite of ours this year was the kiosk in China; both entrees we tried were super tasty.

The kiosk in China is also within walking distance of the air conditioned Relaxation Station in Norway, so keep this in mind if it's a hot day.

Pictured above are the Chicken Dumplings with Chinese Slaw, sold for $4.95 (worth it!)

Pictured above is the Mongolian Beef Bao Bun sold for $6.75, very tasty but prefer the Dumplings.

We made a stop in the Italy Pavilion. I have to say, the line here was longer than any of the other countries and we just didn't enjoy the food here. They were offering a pasta dish and a pizza dish. The pizza just didn't look good and I heard people complaining about it. The pasta lacked flavor and we both had one bite and decided to pass on the rest.

Pictured above is the "La Classica" Cheese Tortellini with Ricotta, Provolone, Fontina, Parmesan, Vodka Sauce and Crispy Bacon which sold for $8.50. I KNOW it looks good, but trust me, it's not......

If you are looking for a drink in Italy, avoid the long line at the Food & Wine Kiosk, and head into Italy and look for the Donkey Cart. At this cart I was the only one in line and they had so many amazing drinks to choose from.

Pictured above is the Orangecello Cocktail for $13.00, so delicious!

We made a stop in Germany and enjoyed a Bratwurst, I chose to pair that with a Riesling. This was a delicious stop and they had many shaded tables so you could stop and enjoy.

Pictured above is the Roast Bratwurst served in a Pretzel Roll for $5.75 (worth it!)

Pictured above is the Riesling from the Germany Kiosk (name not on menu) for $6.00.

This was a delicious Riesling and I would get it again.

The hidden gem of this years Festival is definitely tucked inside of the World Showplace (in between the UK and the Canada Pavilion).

There aren't a lot of signs leading you to it so be sure to look for it.

Once inside, it is just the most peaceful (and air conditioned) place to sit, relax and enjoy some food and beverages.

This location is big, tables are plentiful and spaced out and they even have large restroom facilities to use which is a nice perk.

They have 4 booths inside and even had a live pianist to entertain.

To be 100% honest, they didn't have my FAVORITE offerings inside of this building but we still enjoyed everything we tried and the atmosphere was worth every dime spent!

Pictured above are offerings from the Desserts & Champagne Booth.

On the left is the Liquid Nitro Chocolate Cake Pops served with Crumbled M&M's for $4.00. These were tasty but super rich.

I paired this with the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne for $17.00, it paired nicely and went down smooth but that was a bit pricey : )

Another booth we enjoyed inside of this pavilion was the "Festival Favorites" booth.

We tried the Kilbasa dish and the Seafood Fisherman's Pie dish, see pictures below for my review and pricing.

Pictured above is the Kielbasa and Potato Pierogi dish served with Carmelized Onions and Sour Cream for $5.50.

This dish was tasty and definitely worth the price. The Pierogi and onions were fantastic, the kielbasa was a little tough and dry in my opinion.

Pictured above is the Seafood Fisherman's Pie for $6.50.

This was pretty good, but it was a little weird having the potatoes with seafood.

I like traditional Shepherds pie taste more, so not sure if I would get this one again.

The two booths we didn't visit inside were the Mac & Cheese and the Appleseed Orchard. Both of these looked good and had great menus, but we were quite full by this point.

I wasn't SO full that skipping my favorite booth in France wasn't an option though : )

We have been to Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT for many many years, and yes, this year it was quite different with social distancing and masks in lines, but overall we had an amazing time.

I have never seen the World Showcase so empty during the festival which meant short lines and tons of tables and benches to sit and eat/drink on.

I love that they are offering this throughout the summer and fall months. They also had some booths that aren't open yet, and had signs that they would open in the Fall so that is exciting.

If you would like to experience this years festival for yourself I would love to help, my service to you is always free. Email me at Lesley@traveletp.com


Author- Lesley Sawhook

Lesley Sawhook is the co-owner of Exclusive Travel Partners and has been a travel professional for over 11 years, specializing in all Disney destinations.

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