Returning to Disney: Practically Perfect in Every Way

We just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. The sole purpose of this trip was to see Disney's new safety practices, new procedures navigating the parks and what the overall guest experience is like.

After our stay at Walt Disney World we are 100% confident that our guests can have safe and magical vacations to the Happiest Place on Earth.

In this blog we will discuss a few things, Safety and Guest Experience.

Not only has Disney put a lot of thought into your safety, but they also have implemented some amazing new things to make sure your experience in the parks are still as magical as ever.

Let’s talk safety:

Safety at the Airport:

We flew into the Orlando International Airport. Magical Express service is still running,and included in your stay but there are some new differences.

You need to go to baggage claim to retrieve your bags and then you take them to Magical Express.

You will notice the welcome back signs and friendly cast members tucked safely behind glass perimeters.

There are hand sanitizing stations in the airport before you board the bus and the bus space itself keeps all riders socially distanced from one another with rows closed off.

Safety at the Resort:

It is important that you check in online prior to your stay. You will receive a text with your room number and a link to a map of the resort so you can go right to your room.

Of course, if you want to visit the front desk, you certainly can and there will be friendly cast members there to greet and assist you.

Once in your room you will immediately notice the cleaning protocols they have put into place.

If you want to enjoy the pool at your resort, they ensure only a certain number of guests are at the pool at a time.

Once inside the pool gates you can remove your mask.

The chairs were all socially distanced and we had an amazing time swimming and enjoying the Florida sun.

The lifeguards were cleaning each chair as guests would leave.

Safety in Resort Transportation:

When you go into the theme parks you will notice so many great changes that have been put into place for your safety.

If you are taking a bus to the parks, you will be greeted by the bus driver who will ask how many guests are in your party and they will arrange guests safely into the sections within their bus so that you are only seated close to your travel party and are socially distanced with partitions from everyone else.

If you are riding the monorail, your temperature will be taken and you will go through security prior to boarding.

The cast member, will walk you to the monorail section that is open for you, it is only one family per side of the car and they are also divided by partitions.

When you arrive at the park, if you haven't had a temperature/security screening yet by riding the monorail in, that will occur at the front of the park.

They no longer have the fingerprint scans as you enter, you simply tap your magic band or ticket to enter.

You must secure a reservation in advance to enter a park. Be sure you have a valid ticket along with your park reservation before going to a Disney park.

This is why our service to you is invaluable as your travel professional with Exclusive Travel Partners. We will walk you through the entire process so you have no surprises during your stay.

Safety Within the Parks:

Every guest ages 2 and up must have a face mask covering your mouth and nose at all times. Neck gaitors, masks with vents, bandannas, etc. are not acceptable coverings.

If you forget one, they have vending machines outside of the park for you to purchase one for a low price.

They sell adorable Disney masks for $6.00 once inside the park in both child and adult sizes with fun Disney designs on them.

We saw lots of kids and adults wearing these!

We found the medical masks were light, breathable and comfortable on hot days and on all attractions.

We saw all guests complying with these rules. Cast members were actively monitoring and enforcing the rules to ensure everyone had a safe and fun time.

The parks are at limited capacity, so crowds are lower than ever which allowed for wonderful park days full of our favorite attractions with extremely low wait times.